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There is No Place Without You

About the Book

Maya Bernstein’s debut volume presents poems rigorously composed and delicately honed. It reveals the sensitive spirit and sharp mind of a mature speaker exploring the gaping space between the infinitude of the divine and the finite nature of human existence.

Authentic and honest, spanning the secular and the sacred, these poems challenge and speak truth to our fears and joys, navigating the complex intimacy and distance we experience as humans striving to connect to ourselves, one another, and to the forces that act upon us in the world.

It was chosen as a 2023-2024 Book Club Pick by the Jewish Women's Archive.

there is no place without you book


"The poems in Maya Bernstein's debut collection precisely and stylishly give clarity to family, children, the unknowability, the questions. Risky, vulnerable, employing a range of forms, the poems powerfully move the self into language. These poems have secrets the poet knows nothing of. It takes enormous attention to take the top of your head off and plunge deep into the unconscious, but Bernstein has done it."

- Sean Singer, Author of Today In the Taxi and Honey & Smoke

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Poetry Talk with Maya Bernstein, Interviewed by Na’amit Sturm Nagel

Covenant Foundation’s Sightline 

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